The classification of milk as A1 and A2 is based on the type of beta-casein present in the milk.
Historically, all cows used to produce A2 cows until a naturally occurring genetic mutation i n
European cows changed the genetics of milk-producing cow herds. If you drink milk from an A1
cow, your body breaks it down to produce high levels of a molecule that is not healthy. This is a
bioactive opioid peptide and morphine-related compound called beta casomorphin-7 (BCM7).
The intestines absorb BCM-7, and it then passes into the blood. While symptoms of stomach
discomfort such as bloating, gas, diarrhea that occur after consuming dairy products are
typically attributed to lactose intolerance. However, some researchers believe that BCM-7 and
not lactose, is the main culprit that affects digestion and produces symptoms similar to lactose
intolerance. According to New Zealand research conducted by CNS McLachlan, daily intake of
common milk containing A1 beta-casein inspires the development of coronary heart disease.
Studies also show that consumption of A1 milk on a regular basis may lead to development of
type 1 diabetes in children. Unlike A1 milk, A2 milk is easily digested and comes from breeds of
pure cows who naturally produces A2 milk. Beta-casomorphin-7 (BCM-7) is the reason why
regular milk is believed to be less healthy than A2 milk. The structure of A2 protein is more
comparable to human breast milk, as well as milk from goats, sheep, and buffalo.

Why is A2 Milk More On The Expensive Side?

A2 milk is the purest and freshest form of milk. It comes from cows who are happy and healthy.
They are free to roam and farm grazed. They are exposed to fresh grass and sunshine which
makes them naturally more fit and hence produces better milk. The A2 cows are humanely
raised and free from cruelty which is inflicted in most industry cows. Commercially milked cows
have their breasts attached to machines which pulls out milk all day. There are hundreds of
cows in A1 dairy farms, all milked through machines and are artificially impregnated for more
milk production. Whereas A2 milk cows feed their calves first and then the remaining portion is
hand milked for human consumption. The A2 process demands more men power and time. It
also assures healthy and natural milk without any harmful hormones or antibiotics. The milk is
nutritious, rich in alpha-2 casein proteins. A2 farms are ethically producing milk from cows who
are healthy,active and happy. It is a challenge to meet the quantity demands of consumers and
the cost involved in raising the A2 cows. The price is worth paying for your health, the hard
working dairy farmers who choose to stick to ethical practices and the calves who are not
deprived of their mother’s milk.
A2 milk has not only taken over the dairy market, but also changed lives. Including it to your
daily diet will definitely nourish your body and soul. If you haven’t switched to A2 milk yet, start

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